How much will it cost to have my machine serviced?

We offer a full service support for all the brands that we stock and many others as well. As costs vary from machine to machine, we will quote you on an individual basis before any work will be carried out. We recommend you call our team then they will be able to best advise you.

Do you do a collection/delivery service?

Yes we do, please call us and a member of our team will book your machine in for collection.

Do you sell spare parts?

Yes we do. We can get spares for all makes and types of garden machinery. 

Please give us a call with the details of your machine.

When is the best time of year to book in my machine?

We recommend your book your machine in for a service over the winter months to avoid any delays in spring.

How do I know if the machine about to purchase is suitable for my needs?

One of our team will be happy to advise you. We can also visit your property and give guidance on the best machinery for your job or budget.

What are your opening hours?

We’re open from 8am to 5pm weekdays

Do I need to book my machine in, or can I just drop it off?

Yes, please just drop your machine off at our premises and we will take care of the rest

I am looking for a pre-owned machine, do you have any available?

We often have stock of pre-owned machines, please give us a call for details.

In some cases of machinery like the domestic low-cost strimmers and hedge cutters brought into us for servicing or repairs, sadly cannot always be repaired. This is due to them being poorly manufactured and the spare parts non obtainable. If you do want us to look at a machine like this, we charge a minimum of £25 non-refundable if we cannot get it to work again. Sadly because of the low costs of these machines, it is simply not financially viable to spend too much time on them. However, if you were to purchase a new machine from us to replace your old one, this £25 will be refunded to you.

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