382722444/1 PC BOARD MP84 FROM 2015


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Genuine Stiga GGP Printed Circuit Board for the MP84 Chassis tractor mowers 2015 onwards. Fits underneath the steering column, just clips in and needs no tools for removal or installation.

If you are unsure if this is the correct part for your machine, please get in touch on 01473 808250 or email us at info@rmcmachinery.co.uk and please have the machine ART NO ready for us please, this is a must on all parts inquiries.

OEM no. 382722444/1, 382722444/0

PCB Replaces 125722440/0 & 382722444/0
Suitable for the following machines;
1330M 2T2000483/M19 2T2000483/M20
1530H 2T2120483/M15
1530M 2T2020483/M15 2T2020483/M20
1538H 2T2620483/M16 2T2620483/M20
1538M 2T2520483/M16 2T2520483/M20
16/84H 2T2120477/GAR
1638H 2T2610683/M19
1638H Twin 2T2610683/M20
3000SH 2T2000383/M12
T30M 2T2010436/BQ 2T2010483/MC
T38M 2T2510483/MC
T38H 2T2610406/SF
Estate; 2084 2T2000481/14 2T2000481/ST2
2084H 2T2120481/15 2T2120481/ST1
2398HW 2T2630481/ST1
3084 2T2010281/14
3084H 2T2110281/14 2T2110281/ST1
3098H 2T2620281/16 2T2620281/ST1
3384H 2T2100381/14
3398H 2T2610681/16
3398HW 2T2640281/ST1
4084H AP 2T2120481/AP19
4398HK AP 2T2610681/AP19
GT30H 2T2110247/AT2
GT38H 2T2620247/AT6
GT38H Twin 2T2610647/AT9

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