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Cutting method Collecting
RPM control Fixed rpm
Fuel tank capacity 0.95 l
Starter Recoil
Product length 1410 mm
Driving Self-propelled
Product name Consumer LINER 19SH V
Traction Rear-roller drive
Product Color Green
Collector capacity 80 l
Speed variator Yes
Handlebar type Ergonomic 25 mm adj. by button + soft grip
EAN/UPC 8008984839113
Engine Brand Honda
Engine model GCVx170 OHV Autochoke
Displacement 167 cm³
Wheels 200/ROLLER grooved wheels on ball bearings
Power source Petrol
Cutting height adjustment Centralized
Engine Oil tank capacity 0.4 l
Cutting height positions 8 positions
Cutting height range 13 – 65 mm
Cutting width 48 cm
Vibe Control System (VCS) Yes
Front handle Yes
Adjustable handlebar Yes
Foldable handlebar Yes
Washing link Yes
Collector type Textile
Mulching function No

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Product Review:

ATCO Liner 19SH V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The ATCO Liner 19SH V is a high-quality, self-propelled lawn mower designed to deliver exceptional cutting performance and ease of use. As part of ATCO’s renowned Liner series, this model incorporates advanced features, innovative technology, and robust construction to provide homeowners with a professional-grade lawn maintenance experience. In this review, we’ll explore the key features, performance, and overall value that the ATCO Liner 19SH V offers to those seeking a pristine and well-manicured lawn.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Engine: The Liner 19SH V is equipped with a reliable and powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, known for its efficiency and durability. With sufficient cutting power, this engine can handle various grass types and conditions, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging mowing situations.
  2. Self-Propelled Technology: One of the standout features of this lawn mower is its self-propelled function. The variable-speed self-propulsion system allows the mower to move forward with minimal effort from the operator. This feature significantly reduces the strain on the user, making it easier to mow larger areas and uneven terrain.
  3. Hybrid Steel/Aluminum Deck: The mower features a hybrid construction, combining a robust steel deck with aluminum reinforcement. This design offers a balance between strength and reduced weight, contributing to the machine’s maneuverability and overall longevity.
  4. 19-Inch Cutting Deck: The ATCO Liner 19SH V boasts a generous 19-inch cutting deck, providing a wide cutting swath that covers more ground in each pass. This feature is especially useful for homeowners with medium to large lawns, as it reduces the time and effort required to mow the entire area.
  5. Single-Lever Height Adjustment: Adjusting the cutting height is a breeze with the convenient single-lever height adjustment system. The mower allows you to choose from multiple cutting heights, enabling you to achieve the desired lawn height depending on your preferences and the season.
  6. Large Grass Collector: The Liner 19SH V comes with a spacious grass collector bag with an ample capacity. This bag effectively collects grass clippings during mowing, reducing the need for frequent stops to empty it. The bag also has an indicator to show when it is full, ensuring efficient mowing without overflow.
  7. Rear Roller: A rear roller is included in the design, which not only leaves a classic striped finish on the lawn but also helps with stability and control while maneuvering the mower.


The ATCO Liner 19SH V excels in performance, thanks to its powerful engine and self-propelled technology. The Briggs & Stratton engine provides reliable and consistent power, allowing the mower to effortlessly cut through different grass lengths and conditions. The self-propelled function is a significant advantage, making the mower glide smoothly across the lawn, especially on inclines and challenging terrain.

The hybrid steel/aluminum deck contributes to the mower’s stability and longevity, while the 19-inch cutting deck efficiently covers more ground in less time. The single-lever height adjustment allows users to adapt the cutting height to their preference or the specific needs of their lawn.


The ATCO Liner 19SH V is an excellent investment for homeowners who value a well-maintained lawn and desire a premium mowing experience. Its powerful performance, self-propelled technology, and durable construction justify the higher price point compared to basic mowers. The ability to achieve professional-grade results and the reduced physical effort during mowing make it a valuable long-term investment for maintaining a pristine lawn.


In conclusion, the ATCO Liner 19SH V is a top-tier self-propelled lawn mower that delivers exceptional cutting performance, ease of use, and a professional striped finish. Its powerful engine, wide cutting deck, self-propelled technology, and robust construction make it a standout choice for homeowners with medium to large lawns. The ATCO Liner 19SH V proves to be a reliable and efficient lawn mower, providing the perfect blend of functionality, convenience, and professional-grade results.


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