Introducing this fantastic shredder from Eliet, powered by the very reliable Honda GP200 engine, this machine is well built, made to last, and will do exactly what you ask of it. Nice and manoeuvrable thanks to it’s two pneumatic wheels and tyres. A perfect machine for the domestic/professional user.

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Robust Frame It has thick sheet Steel frame and it is designed to cope with rough handling.
Wide In-Feed It is easy to feed all branches at the mercy of the blades.
Blade Shaft It has 12 razor-sharp blades.The rotor bearing blocks is mounted on the shredding chambers.
Large Wheel The large wheel is suitable for unpaved paths or uneven lawns.
Belt-Drive The blade shaft has double bearing and is belt driven.

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Chipping is a real joy when you use a good machine. At ELIET, we do everything to ensure that you will derive this pleasure as long as possible. When you take your first look at the ELIET MINOR, you will realize that this machine is designed to cope with rough handling. You do not have to have any concerns about the durability of the thick sheet steel frame.

The black feed hopper guides the garden waste with wide branches into the chipper. Everything disappears behind the metal safety screen. Provided that the feed-in funnel does not become narrower, all branches continue to be fed in before being placed at the mercy of the blades.

If you remove the sieve screen from the machine, you will be confronted by the blade shaft with its twelve razor-sharp blades. The rotor with two bearing blocks is mounted in the shredding chamber. You will immediately note from the construction of this cutting device that this chipper will have no trouble at all in dealing with a lot of thick branches being fed in.

Large wheels are a true comfort, in particular, when the chipper needs to be driven over unpaved paths or uneven lawns. The machine virtually does not have to be lifted in the transportation position thanks to the excellent distribution of weight, which makes it extremely easy to drive the machine all the way down any garden.

The blade shaft of the Minor has double bearings and is belt driven. This construction places the Minor in a class of its own in comparison with the smaller ELIET chippers. The separate rotor bearings enhance the durability of the chipper. Moreover, this construction is better equipped when it is subjected to heavy duty cycles. The transmission also absorbs the dynamic forces and increases the drive torque to be blade shaft.

Display SKU MA 002 011 231
Manufacturer Eliet
Model MA 002 011 231
Engine Power 6.0 hp
Engine Make Honda GP200
Professional/ Domestic/ Hire Professional
Material Diameter 55 mm
Overall Dimensions 1510 x 490 x 1160 mm
Weight 92kg
Wheeled Yes
Chopping speed (cuts/min) 50.000(cuts/min)
Infeed mechanism 245 X 250 mm
Anti stress system (ABM) No
Capacity 16 wheelbarrows/h
Blade Type 12 Steel Blades HS
No. of Blades 12

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Weight92 kg


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