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The Hyundai HYWT5200X is a powerful petrol grass trimmer mounted on two large wheels, making it incredibly easy to move around, and allowing you to effortlessly finish your lawn or garden with neat edges without straining your arms, back or shoulders.

Takes the Strain Away

It’s ideal for users who find handheld grass trimmers too strenuous due to the side to side cross-pan movement which can cause back pain or fatigue, or for those who have large properties to maintain.

Powerful Grass Trimmer

Powered by a 52cc 2-stroke easy recoil start petrol engine, this wheeled trimmer makes gardening and trimming quick and easy. The high power to weight ratio of its powerful engine can make quick work of any weeds, grass and scrub, and also allow you to effortlessly edge your lawn.

Large Cutting Width

Thanks to its large 430mm cutting width, any gardening work can be completed rapidly with this impressive trimmer, whether you’re landscaping large estates and lawns or whether you need a more strain-free grass trimming experience in your garden. The powerful engine should also make sure the cut is finished in one movement, speeding up your gardening giving you more time to enjoy the perfect cut!

Smart, Wheeled Design

Due to the HYWT5200X’s wheeled design, it is easy to move around large gardens or landscaped areas without having to carry or strap a traditional trimmer to your shoulders, making it incredibly comfortable to use.

Thoughtful Design

The compact design of this wheeled grass trimmer allows you to easily guide it under low hanging branches or hedgerows to cut in hard to access areas that traditional grass strimmers would struggle to reach, but this trimmer can achieve with precision and minimal effort. You can also adjust the height of the handle to suit you, tailoring your trimmer to make your gardening as comfortable as possible.

Compact and Portable

The Hyundai HYWT5200X is fitted with a foldable handle which makes it easy to put in the boot of your car and compact to store in your garden shed or garage.

Large Fuel Tank

This lawn trimmer’s large 1200ml fuel tank means you can cut a large area, without having to stop and refuel or carry petrol around the garden. The fact that it is petrol trimmer also means you won’t have to worry about messing around with any cables or charging any batteries before use.

Easily Trim Around Obstacles

The innovative design enables grass next to obstacles such as trees and walls to be cut with ease and without damaging the main body of the trimmer.


All Hyundai garden machinery is covered by a Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty for domestic use (commercial terms differ – please see warranty terms).

At A Glance:

  • Powerful wheeled trimmer with Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke easy pull recoil-start engine
  • 1200ml fuel tank
  • 430mm cutting width
  • A well-balanced machine on two large wheels
  • Foldable handles
  • Innovative design to easily cut around obstacles
  • Wide cutting path – cover lots of ground with every pass
  • Large rear wheels for easy manoeuvrability in long grass or over rough terrain

In The Box

  • HYWT5200X
  • 40:1 Mixing Bottle,
  • Tool Kit (Including Spark Plug, Spanner Spanner & x2 Alan Keys)
  • User Manual
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