Setting new market-standards in terms of both performance and user-comfort, this high-specification brushcutter from Italian brand-leaders Oleo-Mac is the lightest machine in its class

A premium universal brush cutter for both pro and heavy-duty homeowner use
Designed and built in Italy to exacting standards
Impressively durable engine with a forged-steel crank and two-ring piston
Fuel-primer and choke for fast, dependable pull-starts
Vibration-damping prevents the operator’s body being exposed to excessive stress
Compact, ergonomically optimised ‘loop’ handle
Large-diameter cutting-cord can be replaced in just 20-seconds thanks to Load&Go system

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The Oleo-Mac BC 241 S brush cutter is designed for the most demanding domestic user, for tiding up the lawn and finishing the edges, both around the home and in larger open spaces. Powered by a 21.7cc two-stroke Emak petrol engine with plenty of torque, the Oleo-Mac BC 241 S brush cutter features a solid straight shaft with loop handle, fitted with a 130mm diameter nylon line head with Load & Go semi-automatic advancement of the 2.4mm diameter line. A 3-tooth 255mm diameter metal brush cutter blade is also included for tackling more dense undergrowth. Protection against debris thrown up by the cutting gear is provided by the sturdy plastic blade guard.

The engine features an electronically-controlled digital coil and a rev limiter for improved performance and fuel economy. Oleo-Mac’s Easy-On device reduces starter cord resistance, with easy access to the choke lever and primer bulb further ensuring quick and hassle-free starting.

The Oleo-Mac BC 241 S is lightweight at just 4.5kg and features a built in anti-vibration system which greatly improves comfort during prolonged periods of use, whilst the extended shaft length with 150mm shaft arm means the operator is always able to maintain a good working posture.

Key Features: 

  • 21.7cm 1.2hp (0.9kW) 2-stroke engine featuring generous torque output with a linear power curve even at low revs
  • Piston with two rings, diecast cylinder with nickel plating, forged con rod and crankshaft guaranteeing an extremely rugged and durable engine
  • Digital coil with electronic control and revs limiter for easier starting, plus improved performance thanks to consistently uniform combustion and reduced fuel consumption
  • Graphic representation of starting operations facilitates engine starting even for less expert users
  • “Primer” visible on engine cover enables easier access and operation
  • Choke lever integral with half-throttle setting for fast and easy starting
  • Innovative 130mm diameter Load&Go head with 2.4mm diameter line for straightforward and quick line replacement: just 20 seconds to rewind the line and resume work
  • 255mm diameter brush disc with three blades
  • Built-in anti-vibration system greatly reduces the level of vibration experienced by the operator during use of the tool
  • 150mm shaft arm means the operator is always able to maintain a good working posture


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