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Power/Displacement – 1.3 HP – 1.0 kW/25.4 cm³
Bar length (nose) – 25 cm, 10”, (sprocket/carving)
Chain (pitch x gauge) – 1/4”x.050” (sprocket), 1/4″ x .043″ (sprocket), 1/4”x.050” (carving)
Oil Pump aluminium, automatic, zero flow rate at idle speed
Oil/fuel tank capacity – 0.19 L/0.22 L
Sound pressure/power level – 97.7/107.9 dB(A)
Lh/rh vibration level – 4.3/5.2 m/s²
Dry weight without bar and chain – 2.7 kg



Top handled pruning saw by Oleo-Mac, the new GST250.

The power, manoeuvrability and accuracy required during pruning and tending of plants, olive groves and orchards are guaranteed by the quality of the GST250 pruning chainsaw, the flagship model in this category owing to it’s manoeuvrability, low weight and superior power.

The combination of of these three aspects in a single product make the GST250 the perfect tool for efficient, quick and safe pruning operations. Power, ergonomics and balance are the distinguishing features of the GST250 chainsaw.

Compact and with an excellent power to weight ratio, it’s the ideal chainsaw for pruning tasks at height on all trees, for limbing or felling.
It’s ability to handle the toughest jobs makes it the perfect tool in the hands of professional tree climbers. The low-emission eco-friendly engine is protected by a double air filter in foam and nylon, and the high-speed high-power chain guarantees clean and accurate cuts without damaging the bark.

Models GST250 and GST360 are designed by Giugiaro, a world leading brand in the industrial design field. GST250 available also with 1.1mm chain and sprocket-nose bar (0.043″ thickness)

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Bar and Chain

18" Bar, 20" Bar

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