Cutting Area up to – 9000m3
Cutting Width – 124cm or 48″
Engine make/model B&S Professional V-Twin 7220PXi series
Cutting height 25-80 mm, 7 positions
Propulsion – hydrostatic
Speed (km/h)from 0 to 9.0 km/h in forward drive – from 0 to 6.0 km/h in reverse
Turning radius – 136 cm
Bag capacity – 380 L
Overall dimensions – 258 x 127 x 129 cm
Weight – 303 kg

Available on back-order


These machines are fitted with a quick fit (deck wash system) on the mower deck, making it possible to direct water inside the deck, for quick and easy cleaning of the cutting mechanism.

They are fitted with a tow hitch, fitted as standard, making the machine even more versatile, allowing it to tow a trailer or a lawn roller.

The LCD display assures quick and intuitive consultation of the main garden tractor information, including working hours, and battery voltage.

It has a comfortable driving position thanks to the seat, which can be adjusted directly from the driver’s seat to suit the operators height. The seat is equipped with arm rests.

Oleo-Mac garden tractors offer comfort and high performance for the management of small and large open spaces. With a range of different models, garden tractors constitute the most practical solution for fast and efficient maintenance of gardens, grounds and parks, even in the presence of uneven ground and dense vegetation.

Rear-discharge garden tractors are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals: advanced cutting performance and an exceptionally comfortable driving experience. Rugged, reliable and offering high cutting and load capacity, these machines are ideal for maintenance of large gardens, grounds and public spaces in which the grass clippings are to be collected.

Thanks to an easy-to-install kit, some models can be converted for mulching mode operation: this system keeps the clippings circulating under the deck for longer, reducing them to a fine particulate so they can be returned to the terrain as a valuable nutrient for the lawn.

For stock availability please contact us on 01473 808250 or email us at info@rmcmachinery.local

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