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Our popular PSU leaf sucker is now available as an all in one unit, fixed to one of our 15cwt trailers.
The trailer can be pulled by small tractors, ATVs and RTVs.
The unit has an 8″ diameter collection hose and has a hand handle to make for comfortable operation. The TPSU range of leaf suckers can cope with large quantities of leaves being drawn up and then chopped by the fan. This means that much smaller pieces go into the trailer thereby effectively increasing capacity due to there being fewer trips to empty.
If wet leaves or other debris block the inlet, cleaning is simple via the removal of just one bolt. There is also an inspection door fitted with a safety interlocking switch.
The fan is belt-driven so there is no shock loading on the crankshaft. The tips of the fan itself are easily and cheaply replaceable.
The trailer is narrow enough to fit down small paths and when not being used to collect leaves, the suction unit can be removed, thus supplying you with a trailer for a multitude of other purposes.
The trailers hydraulic tipping mechanism can be powered from an integral battery and electric hydraulic pump, or it can be powered from your tractors own 1 or 2 line hydraulic system. Please contact us for prices if you require hydralics from your tractor to power the tipping system, as this will be cheaper. Pictures show the electric pump & battery version.

Engine 9.0hp Honda Petrol Engine
Dimensions L (not incl. tow bar): 3048mm (120″) x W: 939mm (37″)
Wheel Type 600×9 ball bearing hubs at rear 16×650 with bearings at front
Weight Approx 370kg
Hose 200mm (8″) Diameter
Trailer Tipping Electric powered hydraulics or hydraulic lines from your compact tractor – available in 1 or 2 line options
Hitch Type Clevis hitch as standard (ball hitch supplied in price)

Additional information

Hydraulic Options

Electric Pump & 12V Battery, Tractor Hydraulics – 1 Line, Tractor Hydraulics – 2 Line

Hitch Type

50mm Ball Hitch, Clevis Hitch

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