Lawnmower Servicing and Repair Workshop.

At RMC Garden Machinery Services Ltd, we pride ourselves in the quality of service and expertise we provide to our customers through an equipped workshop and lawnmower servicing department. Years of experience in this trade gives us a great opportunity to showcase our knowledge through professional technicians who will happily look after professional and domestic garden machinery with the same level of care and attention afforded to both. Commercial and domestic customers are where we excel in providing new and used machinery, with full parts and warranty backup so you can buy with confidence.  We have a fully equipped service van, and are always on standby should the unexpected occur, keeping us fully mobile throughout the year and able to respond at short notice to any emergency call-out. To maintain the highest levels of expertise and professionalism, our workshop technicians regularly attend training courses and seminars hosted by manufacturers and industry leaders, receiving professional qualifications at completion.

We always welcome new business and rarely turn a job down, so if you have a favourite cylinder mower that needs a regrind or ride-on mower that’s suffering from neglect or needs a good service,  bring it to us for a check-up. Alongside the standard servicing and repair work that we carry out on all domestic and commercial ground care machinery, we regularly maintain generators, utility vehicles, compact tractors and cultivators, not forgetting hedge trimmers, chainsaws, brush cutters, scarifier’s and leaf vacuums.

Two stroke machinery. In some cases of machinery like the domestic low cost strimmer’s and hedge cutters brought in to us for servicing or repairs, sadly cannot always be repaired. This is due to them being poorly manufactured and the spare parts non obtainable. If you do want us to look at a machine like this, we charge a minimum of £25 non refundable if we cannot get it to work again. Sadly because of the low costs of these machines, it is simply not financially viable to spend too much time on them. However, if you were to purchase a new machine from us to replace your old one, this £25 will be refunded to you. Your new machine will have the backup from the manufacturer and full spare parts available.

How we Service your Lawnmower

There are a lot of complicated parts in petrol lawn mowers. Petrol lawnmowers that self-propel (i.e., move wheels instead of being pushed) are also available, which are particularly appreciated by avid gardeners and professionals on hills. Nevertheless, regardless of what version you own, they all need regular care and maintenance due to the many mechanisms involved. For these operations, it is imperative to approach a professional company, such as RMC Garden Machinery Services LTD. There are several checks that we perform to keep things ticking over. In addition, there are a few things that we do yourself to maintain the performance of your petrol lawn mower. 

Here, we are outlining a few of the steps that we undertake here at RMC Garden Machinery, so that you get an idea of some of the hard work that goes into servicing your lawnmower. It’s always advisable to approach a professional company, such as ourselves and we would NEVER advise that someone who is unqualified to undertake the work detailed below themselves as it can be very dangerous and you can easily break your machine if the work is undertaken incorrectly by an untrained individual or individuals.